1. Checkmate. 將軍【棋類】。

2. Obviously you’re not well suited forthree-dimensional chess, perhaps three dimensional candyland would be more yourspeed. 適合。適合某人的水平。

3. It must be humbling to suck on so manydifferent levels. 自慚形穢。

4. Oh, the flu I guess. 流感【influenza;感冒是cold】。

5. Think woman, whoblew their nose andwhen? 不大禮貌的稱呼。擤鼻涕。

6. Sheldon, relax, shedoesn’t have any symptoms, I’m sure she’s notcontagious. 放心。具有傳染性。

7. Somewherebetween tool using and cave painting, homo habilus would have figured outto kill the guy with the runny nose. 某個時間點。流鼻涕。

8. Penny, you’ll have to excuse Sheldon,he’s a bit of a germophobe. 怕病菌的人。

9. You’d better go before he startsspraying you with Lysol. 來蘇水。

10. I’m making Petri dishes to grow throat cultures.培養皿【來自人名】。細菌培養。

11. Here, swab my throat.用棉簽擦。

12. Sheldon, you are not sick. This is, but you are not.你這樣做才有病呢【省略了sick;雙關病態和生病】。

13. We have no idea what pathogen Typhoid Penny hasintroduced into our environment. 病原體。傷寒。

14. And having never been to Nebraska I’mfairly certain that I have no corn-husking antibodies. 去殼、去皮。抗體。

15. Sheldon, don’t you think you’re overreacting? 反應過度。

16. When I’m lying comatose in a hospitalrelying on inferior minds to cure me, these jello cultures and my accompanyingnotes will give them afighting chance. 昏迷。給予他們戰勝病魔的機會。

17. I mix pancake batter in this!麵糊。

18. No, that measuring cup has alwaysbeen for urine. 量杯【帶嘴兒的也叫beaker】。

19. Leonard, my comforter fell down, and mysinuses hurt when Ibendover.床上的小墊子。鼻竇。哈腰。

20. I’m at work. 在上班。

21. They texted me. 發短信。

22. My fever has been tracking up exponentially since 2am,and I am producing sputum at an alarmingrate. 上升。迅速【指數冪形式】。口腔排出物。以令人不安的速度。

23. Yes, they’re training dogs to operatethe centrifuge forwhen they need dogs to operate the centrifuge for blind scientists, I have togo. 離心機。

24. Howard, it’s the phone.來電話了。

25. Well who’s calling at this ungodly hour?這麼晚。

26. Who’s on thephone?誰打電話呢?

27. For God’s sake, Ma, I’m twenty-six yearsold. 媽【在隨意情況下很常用,幾乎和漢語發音一致】。

28. Whaddaya want for breakfast.指what do you,簡化的口語發音形式。

29. Chocolate milk and eggos please! 華夫餅。

30. Hang on, call waiting. 呼叫等待。

31. You call Koothrappali, we need tofind a place to laylow for the next eighteen to twenty-four hours. 躲藏。

32. Standby. Ma, canmy friends come over? 等著。

33. That’s anegatory.被否了。

34. Five movies, two hours apiece. 每個。

35. You’re a carrier. 病毒攜帶者。

36. All these people here are doomed. 完蛋了。

37. You can have soup delivered.送餐。

38. Well, my mother used to make me thissplit pea with littlefrankfurter slicesand these homemade croutons.豆瓣。一種香腸。自己做的。脆的小塊炸麵包【與crust同源】。

39. We have Chicken Tortilla and Potato Leek. 卷餅。類似大蔥,每層更細密。

40. Then surprise me. 隨便吧【啥湯都行】。

41. Look at this, everyone went chimp. 做【扮演】。黑猩猩【chimpanzee】。

42. Well I’d like to point out, I votedfor orangutan, butyou shouted medown.長臂紅毛猩猩。大聲表示不同意。

43. You sound funny. 聽著怪、不對勁。

44. Yeah, well I’m at work too, andyou’ll never guess who’s here infecting my entire station. 某人負責的區域。

45. He won’t leave, he says he’s afraidhe’ll pass out on thebus and someone will harvesthis organs. 昏【上文用了becomatose】。偷器官。

46. He’s paranoid, and he’sestablished a nest. 偏執【neurotic是神經質】。

47. Oh my God there’s a breach in the radiationunit. 破口。

48. The whole city is in jeopardy, oh my God.危險。

49. Um, home, to write some bad cheques. 銀行拒絕兌現的支票。

50. Studyingabroad?留學。

51. Anyway, the local cuisine was a little moresausage-based thanI’m usedto, and the result was an internal blitzkrieg with my lowerintestine playing the part of Czechoslovakia. 飯菜。以某物為基礎。我所習慣的。閃電戰【blitz】。

52. No, my mum had to fly back toTexas to help my dad because the house had slipped off the cinder-blocks again.飛返。空心磚。

53. Okay, ground rules, no spongebaths, and definitely no enemas. 基本規矩。

54. Found ‘em. 指them【口語簡化發音;同理,him簡化為’im;her簡化為’er】。

55. Sorry, don’t you have a spare. 多餘的、備用的。

56. Well if you leave now, you can beback before the gorillas rip the crap outof Charlton Heston. 大猩猩。

57. Unless Sheldon’s there, in which case you’ll be trapped forever in hiswhiny hyper-neurotic snot-web. 這種情況下。抱怨的。極度神經質。討厭鬼【本義是鼻涕】的羅網。

58. Okay, gotta go, got kind of afull-blown Chernobyl thing here,gotta go, bye.必須走了。完全的。切爾諾貝利。

59. He’s home, I’m screwed. 完蛋了。

60. Raj: How about Lasik? Leonard: You want meto get eye surgery?指laser-assisted in-situkeratomileusis,即激光原位角膜磨鑲術【希臘字根kerat表示角膜】。眼科手術。

61. Would you rather go back to theapartment and deal with Sheldon, or haveastranger carve out your corneas with a laser beam?讓。角膜【拉丁語】。

62. Okay, nice and cosy, okay, I’ll see youlater. 很【連讀】。舒服。

63. No, no, counter-clockwise or my chesthair mats.逆時針。否則。粘連。

64. “Soft kitty, warm kitty, little ballof fur, happy kitty, sleepy kitty, purr purr purr.” Now you. 該你唱了。

65. Noway, Jose. 絕不。可能指夥計、家夥【西班牙語;發音是hose】。

66. It’s all right, wireless mini-cam and Bluetooth headset. 無線。微型攝像頭。藍牙。耳機。

67. No, you’ll be on your hands and knees.爬。

68. Staylow.低姿【laylow指躲藏】。

69. Bear left. 改變方向。

70. You don’t say go straight when you’re giving bearings, you say keep true.直行。方向。直行。

71. The… the picture’s breaking up.圖像不清。

72. You ratbastard.你個混蛋。

73. I want grilled cheese.烤。

74. I’m very congested. 鼻子充血、不通氣。

75. Can you go to the kitchen, and get methe turkey baster labelled mucus. 給火雞澆汁兒用的吸管。

76. Under the sink, yellow Tupperware bowl.水池。特百惠。


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